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Optimize Filtration with Shop-Vac® Disposable Filter Bags

Optimize Filtration with Shop-Vac® Disposable Filter Bags

There’s a famous proverb by the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius that says: “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

Now, we’re not saying Confucius influenced us to create our Shop-Vac® disposable filter bags, but we’re not not saying it either. We know how it feels to vacuum up drywall dust, pet hair, glass, dirt, or mud, only to then have to figure out how and where to dispose of the debris. 

Enter our easy to install and even easier to use disposable filter bags. Used in tandem with one of our Shop-Vac® cartridge filters, this dynamic duo supplies filtration support that keeps your vacuum running effectively and efficiently. 
Filtration is something that can be easy to overlook, but proper filtration keeps the motor in your Shop-Vac® running smoothly and helps avoid clogging or caking within the tank. It also prevents the debris you just spent time cleaning up from releasing back into the air through the exhaust port. 

With as much effort as you put into cleaning your house, job site, or workshop, you deserve a little help with keeping your Shop-Vac® clean, and that’s precisely what a disposable filter bag can do. Think of these bags in the same way you think of a garbage bag in your trash can. Once your garbage bag is full, you can remove the bag and dispose of it quickly and easily, keeping your trash can clean.

Our Shop-Vac® disposable filter bags install right in the tank of your vacuum and collect anything and everything you clean up, no matter how messy or nasty. Once you’re done with the job, simply remove the bag and dispose of the entire thing. No muss, no fuss.

We’ve designed these bags to fit a variety of sizes and types. Our standard bag comes in sizes that fit just about every Shop-Vac®, from 1-1.5 gallon vacuums all the way up to the big boys at 25 gallons with the inlet located on the tank. In a nod to convenience and affordability, these bags come in packs of three and are available in the Shop-Vac® online store or at your neighborhood home improvement or hardware store.

For jobs that require cleaning up fine debris, like drywall dust, cement dust, or cold ashes, you might consider using one of our High Efficiency Disposable Filter Bags. These collection bags provide the same convenient installation and removal method as our standard bags, but they accommodate debris outside the scope of general household messes. 

High Efficiency bags are sold in two-packs and are available for vacuums that are 4 gallons, 5-8 gallons, 10-14 gallons, 15-22 gallons, and 25 gallons. You can even pick one up for our Backpack Vac and Upright and SR Upright Vacuum models. 

For the toughest and grittiest of messes, you’ll want to use a Shop-Vac® Tear Resistant bag. A sturdy plastic collar keeps the bag attached to the vacuum inlet, while the bag’s tough material makes it puncture proof. If you’re cleaning up screws, nails, glass, or sharp wood, this is the bag for your job. Like the High Efficiency bag, the Tear Resistant offerings come in a two-pack in sizes that fit vacuums that are 5-10 gallons and 12-20 gallons.

Want to take your filtration to the highest level? We’ve also incorporated a high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) system that is 99.96% efficient down to 0.3 micros into our Tear Resistant bag. These top-of-the-line bags fit vacuums that are 5-10 gallons and 12-12 gallons and are sold in pairs.

While you would use these collection bags with dry debris only, there are ways to aid your filtration with wet messes as well. 

You can use a foam sleeve without a filter bag to soak up liquids, or you can buy a Shop-Vac® Wet/Dry Collection bag. These tear resistant bags for vacuums that are 5-10 gallons and 12-20 gallons work great for cleaning out fish tanks and picking up household dirt, sand, and sawdust.

A collection bag will always increase your filtration and provide a more efficient cleanup of messes, so don’t make your cleaning more complicated than it should be. Pick up a wet or dry disposable filter bag for your Shop-Vac® today.

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