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Made in the USA

Shop-Vac® is proud to be an American-based company. What’s that mean for you? It’s a quality guarantee. You can rely on our materials and processes, knowing we adhere to safe manufacturing and labor laws. Even our support team is based right here in the USA, prepared to promptly respond to your needs and concerns. It’s not just a label—we bleed red, white and blue.


When we say the Shop-Vac® is powerful, we’re talking debris cleaning, leaf-blowing, heavy-duty, wet or dry pickup – not even the worst messes your family or crew can dish out slows down a Shop-Vac. Whether you have a small or big job at hand, Shop-Vac® has a range of powerful vacuums and even our smallest vacs can pack a powerful punch.


In the face of disaster, you need a partner you can depend on. Trust in Shop-Vac® to provide the rugged, long-lasting performance you need. Many of our vacs are backed with a 3 to 5 year warranty, but we’ve seen customers whose beloved vacuums have even made it through many more years of tough love.

The most versatile vac
on the planet


No use crying over spilled milk, especially when you have a Shop-Vac® on your side. No mess is a match for our machines, from the finest sneaker dirt to fast-food leftovers and, yes, even spilled milk. Other vacuums can’t perform under the pressure of real-world accidents and downright dirty situations, but a Shop-Vac®? Yeah, we’ve got it under control.

The Genuine Article

Deb O.
Schoolcraft, MI

Dax M.
Spokane, WA

Jim C.
Gaithersburg, MD

Anita B.
Malvern, AR

Brian R.
Mifflinburg, PA

Nadia G.
Baxter, TN

Angela P.
North Canton, OH

Sheryl P.
Tracy, CA

Bobby W.
Pensacola, FL

Schoolcraft Little League is proud to rely on official Shop-Vac® products, which are a speedy and efficient way to clean up our muddy field after a heavy rain. Thank you Shop-Vace® for saving our 10/11 All Start Game. We dedicate our win to you!!

One day I decided to play with my dog. I had just gotten back from work, so my arm was hurting, and I really didn't want to throw the ball for her. I took my Shop-Vac® 5 gallon, put the hose on the blower, and turned it on. Out went the ball and she went running-worlds happiest dog!

In addition to being ridiculously cute, nine puppies can make quite a mess! Whether it was kicking up the wood pellets in their makeshift litter box, or not using the box at all, the Shop-Vac® allowed us to spend more time focusing on their much more positive attributes!

I use my Shop-Vac® to quickly thaw out my deep freezer. I just remove the food, pour warm or hot water in, close the lid, then remove water with my Shop-Vac®! Easy, fast and simple!

They say you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, but I betcha whomever came up with that phrase never tried a Shop-Vac®! I do "vermicomposting:" fancy words for composting with worms. Sometimes my worm bins attract a swarm of fruit flies, and when that happens I break out the Shop-Vac® to suck up the flies.

Who needs a man . . . when you have a 16 gallon big boy shop vac! Being a single woman, I use my shop vac for all my household chores. It's great for picking up dust, dirt, water, and my favorite . . . getting spiders! YIKES! Even Tim Allen would be impressed by this. Woo Woo!

To Vac or not to Vac. That is the question? There is not a day that doesn't go by, that I don't use some sort of cleaning device, and with a fiancée who LOVES to build things . . . When I said "Yes" to the wedding proposal this past month, I just knew that would include cleaning up the many projects that are in play at our home in Canton, Ohio. This would be a GREAT wedding gift! (she smiles)

Our Shop-Vac® is working overtime converting our former dairy barn into a Man Cave. This powerful workhorse is helping us clean the cement floors and old milking equipment. Soon, the sounds of our cow's "Moo" will be replaced with "Woo Hoo" as the guys will have their own place to play cards and watch the game!

My wife is a cosmetology teacher. Recently the class decided to have a cut-a-thon for Locks of Love. I was in charge of the fine details of keeping the area clean. They were expecting over 100 people. I set up my Shop-Vac® and ran 6 dust collector sweep adapters. Not only did the system do a great job keeping up with the amount of excess hair, I scored points for being "so smart". The event was a hit.

Made right here

A True Original

What makes us the expert of the wet-dry vac? We invented it—along with the detachable blower, the pump vac, and the list goes on and on. We’ve been supplying the world with powerful pickup for more than 50 years and are committed to continuous innovation. So if it doesn’t say Shop-Vac, keep shopping.®