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Clearly Different

Clearly Different.

You may not think of wet dry vacuums as an opportunity for innovation, but that's what we do every day. The Clearly Different model is our latest example, with a clear 14 Gallon* tank and the most powerful, extended-life motor in the consumer line. Available exclusively at Lowe's®.

Toyota Sienna

Shop-Vac® In the News 

Cars can get messy! We've partnered with Honda® and Toyota® to develop a built-in wet dry vacuum that works to keep your car spotless. Its long hose gives you the ability to clean everything from the engine to the trunk. Only available in certain models and in certain areas.

SVX2 Motor Technology

SVX2® Advanced Motor Technology

The SVX2® advanced motor technology creates a vacuum with more power and longer motor life. These vacuums have a 35% increase in air watts; when compared to a standard Shop-Vac®  motor of equal Peak HP**.

Where to Buy

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When you need a wet dry vac, filter, accessory, or an air mover, air circulator or stainless steel trash can - you can find them all over America. Just click here for a list of our fantastic retailers, with locations right down the street from you.

Live. Work. Play.

Live. Work. Play.

Whether you're a mechanic, a mom, or a dad coming to the rescue, there's always a role for a Shop-Vac® Wet Dry Vacuum. We've collected a few stories to highlight how our products are used, perhaps there's one you haven't thought of!


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