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Five Outdoor Uses for Your Shop-Vac: Wet Pickup

Five Outdoor Uses for Your Shop-Vac: Wet Pickup

Most vacuums are built for indoor use only. But Shop-Vac’s line of wet/dry vacuums has the power and versatility to work wonders on outdoor chores and cleanups too. So, now that summer is officially here, we gathered up some of the top outdoor uses for your Shop-Vac. We’ll focus on wet pickup in this first installment and offer some dry pickup tips and recommendations in our next post.

1. Cleaning your pool or hot tub

Swimming season is here – but is your pool ready? It’s easy to remove algae, debris and dirty water from your pool or hot tub with the right wet/dry vacuum. Shop-Vac offers a simple, quick alternative to cleaning pools without dragging larger pool pump equipment out of storage. Plus, a wet vacuum is a faster and less labor-intensive solution than hopping in the pool and skimming out debris manually.

A wet/dry vac is also perfect for emptying water from your hot tub, small pond, or fish tank at the beginning or end of the season. Easily access hard-to-reach puddles in crevices for a thorough water tank cleanup.

2. Blowing up pool inflatables

Now that the pool is clean, it’s time to prep accessories! Did you know your wet/dry vac can be used to blow up pool floaties and other inflatables? Shop-Vac even has an inflator nozzle specifically designed to do the work of an air compressor.

This handy tool makes it easy to inflate all those pool toys with ease, so you can save your breath for more fun outdoor activities. Use this hack for pool rafts, tubes, and even inflatable paddle boards and kayaks. Just be sure to follow manufacturer PSI limits.

3. Simplifying picnic pickup

Summer is full of holiday celebrations. With Shop-Vac by your side for cleanup, the season will be full of perfect picnics! Did you drop eggs onto the floor while making your famous cookie recipe? Did a guest spill potato salad on the deck? Vacuum it up in seconds with your wet/dry vac.

Shop-Vac is also your sink’s best friend when prepping all those summer feasts. Skip the drain snake or toxic clog removing chemicals and use your Shop-Vac wet/dry vacuum to remove stinky sink debris quickly and easily.

4. Cleaning up wet car seats

You’ve picked the kids up from swim practice, but you’re also carpooling to a company lunch later. No one wants wet seats! Use your Shop-Vac to quickly dry vehicle seats and other fabric interiors.

Shop-Vac’s portable Wet/Dry Vacuums are the perfect tool to reach every corner of the car. You might even clean up some crumbs along the way!

5. Drying your deck and patio furniture

Did a sudden rainstorm throw a wrench in your party plans? Get your patio dry and ready for guests with a Shop-Vac wet/dry vacuum. From fabric porch furniture, pillows and welcome mats to hammocks, wicker chairs and the deck itself, your Shop-Vac has you covered. Pro-tip: reverse the air flow to use your Shop-Vac as a blower if needed. Just be sure to empty out any dust and debris first!

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