Keeping the worksite safe—a clean site is a safe site

Contractors do it all! Everything and anything…from small fix-it tasks to raising entire buildings. It’s easy to get caught up in the job at hand and lose track of your surroundings. Materials and waste quickly pile up, which could create safety hazards on the job site. But no worriesno matter what the size of the job—big or small—there is a Shop-Vac® wet/dry vac for every need.

Shop-Vac’s industrial vacuum cleaners are designed to pick up anything you can imagine that you might find at a work site—from fine drywall dust to gravel, spilled fasteners and scrap materials and stubborn standing water that could cause slips and falls. Ruggedly built for industrial and contractor use, these wet/dry vacs have capacities up to 55 gallons* with various attachments and features available, constructed of both stainless steel and durable molded plastic—all with the heavy-duty power you rely on from the Shop-Vac® brand.

For smaller job sites, the Shop-Vac® 10 Gallon* 4.0 Peak HP** Contractor Series Wet Dry Vac provides power plus portability. The Shop-Vac® 18-gallon* Industrial Switch Reluctance Wet Dry Vac provides added peace of mind with its powerful switch reluctance motor, warrantied for 10 years. This motor lasts longer because it does not contain motor brushes.

And speaking of motors, did you know that Shop-Vac® vacuums offer a variety of different types of motors to meet your specific needs? Our two-stage by-pass motors produce stronger suction pressure that is perfect for industrial and commercial maintenance needs. The benefit of these beauties is a longer life and quieter operation over single stage motors. Choose either our 10-gallon* or 20-gallon* stainless steel industrial vacuum to meet your needs.

Keeping your job site cleaned up will ensure a safe working environment for you and everyone on the job so you can get up and get back at it again tomorrow.