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Honda Odyssey

shop-vac honda

The 2016 Honda Odyssey is brand new, but maybe the most exciting addition to this popular minivan is the new Special Edition model. In addition to premium entertainment features, the new trim level is also standard with the HondaVac built-in vacuum cleaner. So just how powerful is the 2016 Honda Odyssey’s HondaVac?

When the Honda Odyssey first debuted with the innovative cleaner, critics were skeptical. Could something like a built-in vacuum cleaner even work? The Honda Odyssey had them pleasantly surprised. Not only does the HondaVac have strong suction power, but you can literally clean the entire vehicle and part of the engine bay thanks to the vacuum’s 16.5 feet of reach.

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Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna

Taking a page from the Honda Odyssey minivan’s playbook, Toyota is adding an on-board vacuum starting this spring with the Sienna getting the option this month and the Highlander getting it in April. Designed to reach every little nook and cranny of the three-row passenger vehicles, the on-board vacuum was created by Shop Vac and features a replaceable filter and bag, removable canister and can reach the entire length of the vehicles.

The on-board vacuum can even run safely when the engine is on and for an indefinite amount of time. Without the engine running, the vacuum can operate for up to 10 minutes. Three attachments will be included with the on-board vacuum, including a crevice tool to get into tight spaces, a gulper that works for larger spills and a brush.

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