Work hard, clean hard, with the power of Shop-Vac®.

We have vacs, air movers and air circulators that are up for the challenge. Keep your machine shop, job site, work vehicle and office clean and organized with the help of a powerful, convenient vac, tough enough to take on your workspace.

Whether work is a machine shop or a corporate office, the vacs in our industrial and contractor series have a one year limited warranty and a variety of motors to choose from, including single stage, two stage and SR. Looking for something convenient for the office? Our All Around® Wet Dry Vacuums have the power of a full-size vac in a convenient handheld model.

Our Contractor Toolbox Wet Dry Vacuum comes with removable dividers and a place for tool storage in the lid - this is the complete package for a day on the job. Don't need the toolbox but would still like the convenience of a portable vacuum? We have a standalone wet dry portable contractor vac that should do the trick.

When summer approaches, you dread spending time in your workshop, barn or garage because of the heat. We have a series of air circulators that can help cool things down. Worried about stirring the dust? You can add a filter to the air circulator that will stop dust in its tracks, and leave you with a clean, cool air flow.

Regardless of which Shop-Vac® Wet Dry Vacuum you choose, you're sure to get a cleaning partner that works just as hard as you do.