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1-1/2" Contractor Grade Cleaning Kit - Now Save 70%!!! 801-06-00
70% Off List Price! Includes locking hose, metal wands, 14" metal contractor nozzle, plus brush and squeegee inserts.
Shop-Vac Hand Sander 919-80-00
Uses standard sandpaper and screen. Works great for edging. Works with all 1-1/4", 1-1/2" and 2-1/2" diameter hoses. Works with all brands of wet/dry vacs.
Gutter Cleaning Kit for use with Blower Vacs 919-70-00
Use with your detachable blower vac or any vac with a blower port (not included) for fast gutter clean-out.
Accessory Clip 313-30-00
An incredibly handy tool to keep all of your Shop-Vac accessories ready for use.
Turbo Nozzle 906-98-00
Air-powered turbine brush eats dirt like no other nozzle.
VaccUFlex Attachment Kit 9199900
Reaches places that ordinary vacs can't. Make quick work of cleanup jobs in dryer vents, vehicles or under the fridge! Works with all Shop-Vac brand wet/dry vacs. For wet or dry pickup. Click here for a video demo!
Drain adapter kit 8012700
Fits all Shop-Vac wet/dry vacs that have a tank drain. The kit attaches to the tank drain opening, and the garden hose (not included) attaches to the adapter.
Heavy Duty cleaning kit 919-00-11
Will fit 1.5 in. hose
Made in USA