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Car Cleaning Kit - <b>50% Off!!!</b> 919-33-00
Fits any Shop-Vac brand vac - 5 gallons and up. Get ready for spring cleanup with this kit. Everything you need to make your car interior look great. Extra long hose and a versatile selection of nozzles for use on seats, floors, mats, and dashes.
1-1/2" Contractor Grade Cleaning Kit - Now Save 70%!!! 801-06-00
70% Off List Price! Includes locking hose, metal wands, 14" metal contractor nozzle, plus brush and squeegee inserts.
Accessory Clip 313-30-00
An incredibly handy tool to keep all of your Shop-Vac accessories ready for use.
Turbo Nozzle 906-98-00
Air-powered turbine brush eats dirt like no other nozzle.
Heavy Duty cleaning kit 919-00-11
Will fit 1.5 in. hose
Made in USA