2.5" Diameter Nozzles

Product Details
Crevice Tool 906-78-00
Our giant crevice tool for reaching those spaces that hide lots of dirt.
8" Utility Nozzle 906-75-00
Large 8" square opening designed for bulk dry pickup.
14" Nozzle 906-77-00
Super wide 14" cleaning path.
Right Angle Brush 906-79-00
Our giant round brush tool is great for general cleaning. Its right angle design makes it more comfortable to use.
Brush Insert for 2.5" Dia. 14" Nozzle 919-21-00
Super wide 14" cleaning path. Fits the 906-77-00 only.
For use with Blower Vacs
Inflator Nozzle for 1-1/4" or 2-1/2" Hoses 919-60-00
The inflator nozzle conveniently attaches to your vacuum hose end (1-1/4" - 2-1/2" diameter) and instantly enables you to inflate numerous household items.