Product Details
Mighty Mini® Vac Filters 901-06-00
3 Collection Bags plus 1 Secondary Filter. (will not fit the Mighty Mini 2000®)
3-Piece 1-1/4" Extension Wands 906-14-00
Provides longer reach when cleaning.
1-1/4" Micro Cleaning Kit 801-89-00
6-Piece kit with adapter connects to any 1-1/4" hose.
1-1/4" 3-Piece Household Cleaning Kit 906-43-00
Connects to a 1-1/4" hose (about the size of a golf ball) and is great for all-purpose pick-up jobs.
Round Brush 906-15-00
Great for all-purpose cleaning - the soft bristles really pick up dirt on blinds, furniture and hard surfaces.
Crevice Tool 906-16-00
Reach those hard to get to places.
Gulper Nozzle 906-19-00
The best nozzle for cleaning out the car, truck or SUV.
Turbo Nozzle 906-98-00
Air-powered turbine brush eats dirt like no other nozzle.