Fence Digger
I am a home maintain man. I do a lot of replacing of wooden posts in cedar fences. the post rot off about 6 inches below ground level. To replace it one must dig the old one out. I have discovered and easy way to do it. I just loosen the dirt about 2 inches deep around the post and then suck the loose dirt out with my shop vac. then loosen a couple of more inches and suck it out. Repeat this process 12 times and one can lift the old post and its concrete anchor right out. put the new post in and pour in new concrete and it is done. This method cut the time to replace a post in half.

John M.
Littleton CO

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Other great ideas for your Shop-Vac ® Wet/Dry Vac™:

Leading wires through a conduit: Make a "mouse" of sponge or wadded rag with string attached, and use your vac to pull it through. You may have to seal the end of the conduit around the vac's hose with tape or padding.
Picking gravel from the lawn: A vac equipped with a Bulk Dry Pickup Kit is the perfect way to clean up the stones your snow-thrower has tossed into the yard before the mowing starts in the spring.
Retrieving a wedding ring from the drain trap: Dropped something valuable down the drain? Don't bother disassembling the trap and making a mess. Just empty and wipe out the tank of your Shop-Vac® brand Wet/Dry Vac™, and use the vac to pull it out. As a bonus, your drain may run faster afterwards as well!

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