Sammy The Naughty
My 12 year old, very kind and beloved Golden Retriever, Basil McKrae, has a friend of the same breed named Sammy. Uh, that is not really completely true. Her name is Sammy The Naughty. She has earned this name through Trial and Error. Well, mostly: error. Sammy the Naughty will be seven years old in October and believes rather strongly that she is 7 months old. She comes to our house on a regular basis for "Doggie Day Care" as her human father sometimes works two jobs. In her "career" at Basil's House, Sammy the Naughty has: dug holes in the front and back yard; torn up a section of carpet--not once but twice; attacked and savagely beaten/mutilated about 27 stuffed animals--spilling guts of these poor creatures through the house; "countersurfed" at least a dozen times and has eaten and then spit-out wooden spoons, pieces of mail including checks, calendars and heaven knows what else!

One day this summer, Sammy the Naughty outdid herself. One hour before her human father was due to pick her up (and 90 minutes before my 4 dinner guests were to arrive)--Sammy The N. attacked a feather pillow and a quilt while I was not looking. She then grabbed a large Beany Baby and ran with it all over the house, with me behind her. The house looked like a War Zone. Out came the Shop Vac!! Out went the two dogs to the porch--to stare inside the window and did Sammy look even slightly apologetic? No, she did not. Did the innocent Basil McKrae? Yes, he did! I believe he was just embarrassed for his guilty pal. I zipped through the house in no time flat. The War Zone went away. Peace reigned through the Kingdom! Sammy the Naughty went home. Basil McKrae took a needed nap. But Shop Vac saved the day! (Again!)

Emily B.
Valiant Dog Mother
Eureka, CA
and the ever dear and devoted dog Basil McKrae

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