Cats, Birds, Dogs, Oh My!
I'm a veterinary nurse, and our Shop-Vac at work is great at cleaning up loose hair on the animal before taking them in to the surgical suite. Sometimes we need to be careful to not suck up the entire animal, as some of them are on the small side!

I use mine at home for similar reasons. I have two dogs and four cats that shed constantly. If not to their liking, have three birds who toss unwanted peanuts and sometimes even whole sandwiches out of their cage.

Prior to my present 2.5 Shop-Vac at home, I had gone through many uprights which perished from peanuts. This Shop-Vac I have now is about 5 years old and still going strong. While brushing out my dogs one day, I was thinking that it would be easier to just vacuum them, instead of brushing them and collecting the hair. I attach the brush accessory, and found the hair doesn't even make it into the room!

One of my dogs absolutely loves the sound of it as well. Bath time can be difficult if she knows what is coming, but thanks to the Shop-Vac, all I have to do is turn it on near the bathroom–the dog comes running, and it gives me my chance to grab her and put her in the tub!

It helps me to clean the house, to maintain my animals, and to get them to come when they are being stubborn! I'm presently looking to ship one overseas to my boyfriend's mom, who fell in love with it while visiting. Thanks! This vac is a godsend in so many ways.

Suzanne M.
Milford, CT

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Other great ideas for your Shop-Vac ® Wet/Dry Vac™:

Leading wires through a conduit: Make a "mouse" of sponge or wadded rag with string attached, and use your vac to pull it through. You may have to seal the end of the conduit around the vac's hose with tape or padding.
Picking gravel from the lawn: A vac equipped with a Bulk Dry Pickup Kit is the perfect way to clean up the stones your snow-thrower has tossed into the yard before the mowing starts in the spring.
Retrieving a wedding ring from the drain trap: Dropped something valuable down the drain? Don't bother disassembling the trap and making a mess. Just empty and wipe out the tank of your Shop-Vac® brand Wet/Dry Vac™, and use the vac to pull it out. As a bonus, your drain may run faster afterwards as well!

If you haven't already, get a great idea of your own ready to throw at us, and enter to win!



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