What We're Thankful For...

What We're Thankful For...

Thank you, Halloween, for helping us answer a decades-long personal question: How many mini candy bars can we stuff into our mouth at one time?

The answer is seven – plus or minus a few candy corns. If it wasn’t for you, Halloween, we’d never know the answer. We are truly thankful.

While you chew on that gooey visual, let’s talk about other things we’re thankful for. Why? Because it’s almost Thanksgiving, and we here at Shop-Vac Corporation have a lot to be thankful for—candy aside. Of course, there’s a few things we’re not thankful for, and maybe we’ll discuss those sometime. (We’re looking at you, MONSTER TRUCKS the movie and that so-called once-in-a-lifetime eclipse that somebody totally forgot about until it was too late. Whatever.) But that’s next time. This time, let us give thanks for:

Our employees.

Shop-Vac Corporation is blessed to have an amazing workforce. On any given day, you’ll find everyone -- from smarty-pants engineers toiling behind-the-scenes to our never-quit production staff to the James Bond-like folks in The Lab to the lovable nitpickers in Quality Control to those Type-A problem solvers in Sales and Customer Service to every other department and job title. And we can’t forget the executives. (Really, we can’t forget them. They could fire us.) Joking aside, a company is only as strong and dedicated and relevant and kind and fun as its people, and we think our people are the best in the world. Thank you for being you!

Our customers.

Making great products and having awesome employees means a lot, but it takes loyal customers to make everything come together. Product after product, decade after decade, Shop-Vac® customers have proven that there’s a market for powerful, innovate wet-dry vacs, air management systems, and so much more. Via YouTube®, Facebook®, Twitter®, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings, nothing makes us prouder than seeing and hearing about how you use our products to solve problems and make a difference in your life. We stand committed to your ever-changing needs, so let us know how we can best continue to serve you. And thank you for your business!

Our community/communities.

Shop-Vac Corporation is headquartered in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. If you’ve never been here, imagine a quaint-yet-bustling town surrounded by hundreds of miles of protected wildlands, verdant hills, farms, a historic river. Williamsport is paradise – with Little League®. But it’s the people who make it extra special. Kind. Civic-minded. Involved. The citizens of Williamsport are proud of their town, and we consider ourselves lucky to be able to live and work here. So, thank you, Williamsport! And we’re also thankful for all the communities around the world who trust Shop-Vac® products. We are all one, big, mess-hating family!

Our retailers.

And our family doesn’t end there. We are very proud and thankful for all the retailers that carry our products and help our customers understand what sets Shop-Vac® brand apart. From the smaller hardware stores to the mega chains, we are all helping people live, work, and play – the Shop-Vac® way. We are so thankful for your support!

The list goes on…

We are also thankful for about a zillion other things, like the aforementioned candy, a great World Series, beautiful fall weather, our loving family and friends, our kids who keep us young-at-heart, our pets who keep us smiling.

But most of all, as we prepare for another special Thanksgiving, we’re reminded how grateful we are for every little thing we have and every little moment we have together.

Now pass the pumpkin pie!

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