We Want Your Ideas!

We Want Your Ideas!

Over the past few years, the Shop-Vac® blog has covered a lot of ground. (Sure, most of that ground was messy, dirty, debris-strewn, gunky, and in desperate need of a vacuum, but, hey, that’s our thing.) 

We’ve shown you how to best clean each room in your house, how to take care of your pool, how to blow away (or vacuum up) leaves and other yard debris, how to stay clean on road trips, how to battle allergies, how to choose the right filters for the right jobs, how to be a holiday host rock star… and so much more.

And as much as we LOVE pontificating about all things wet-dry, we don’t want to be a conversation hog. 

We want to hear from you! We want your ideas! 

What should this blog talk about next to help you, teach you, enlighten you, entertain you?

Let us know – and we’ll cover it!

In the meantime, enjoy this video about amazing watermelon ideas. It has nothing to do with vacuums, but it is about ideas, so that’s close. And who doesn’t love watermelon?