Top Accessories for Summer Water Fun

Top Accessories for Summer Water Fun

Waterproof Cell Phone Case

Let’s be honest, in today’s world, in order to really let go and have fun, you need to have the peace of mind knowing your cell phone will survive the festivities. A waterproof cell phone case gives you that peace of mind, with full touch screen functionality and the ability to take photos through the case. We aren’t encouraging work during summer water fun, but music, photos and communicating with friends are a must.

Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Take your music on the water! Chances are you have a Bluetooth speaker for your home or patio, but have you considered getting one that can venture into the water with you? There are plenty of floating Bluetooth speaker options available, many of them with pretty solid battery life, sure to keep the party alive for hours. Not feeling party music? That’s fine! These speakers can also be used to play your favorite podcast or latest audiobook as you relax in the pool, on the beach or on the lake.


There are large inflatables for every occasion. Whether you’re looking for a place to lounge, or a floating volleyball net for the kids, inflatables are a must have for summer fun. Sofa rafts are perfect for a relaxing afternoon on the water. Looking for fun for the kids? Consider an inflatable slide for the side of the pool or the dock. Having a grown up party? Consider a floating table tennis or mini golf set. And don’t forget a puncture proof pet raft for Sparky!

Inflator Nozzle

If you choose to invest in a few inflatables, you’re going to need something to blow them up. Trying to blow them up with your own hot air will leave you lightheaded and with a half inflated raft. Consider purchasing an inflator nozzle to go with your Shop-Vac® Wet Dry Vacuum and you’ll be all set. The only requirements for your vacuum are a rear blower port and 1.25-inch or 2.5-inch diameter hoses.

Water Lights

The water fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. Purchase some water décor to keep the fun going even after the sun has disappeared. LED glow balls are a great way to light up your landscape from the water. Choose from static white, or a beautiful multi-colored display. Charge their batteries for hours of glow. Made of polyethylene, these orbs won’t be phased by saltwater, chlorine or the sun.

Looking for something a little more dynamic? Consider purchasing a floating underwater light and fountain, like this one from

This list of accessories is sure to get your summer water fun off to a great start! Are there other accessories you use for summer fun? is a registered trademark of, Inc.