Top 5 Things Every Pet Owner Needs

Top 5 Things Every Pet Owner Needs

Air Tight Containers

Those big bulky bags of cat and dog food can be hard to find a place to store. Even if you have the space, it’s hard to keep the food fresh. An easy, affordable solution is to purchase a few small airtight containers.Just empty the food into the containers when you bring it home the first time, ditch the bulky bag and store them on a shelf. It’s a convenient solution that even your pet will appreciate.

Wet Dry Vac

It’s a fact: pets are messy. A wet dry vac gives you the power to clean like you’ve never cleaned before. Whether you’re cleaning up pet hair, tipped over water bowls, or spilled kitty litter, our Shop-Vac® brand portable wet dry vac has your back. Worried about dander and pet messes that are tiny and extra tough to clean? Consider our All Around Plus® model with the addition of a HEPA filter to keep that pet hair locked in.

Pet Gates

While baby gates may work well for a bigger dog, often times they don’t work for a puppy or a cat. Consider purchasing a gate made just for pets to keep them out of certain areas of the house. There are countless options, in a variety of styles and colors, so you’re sure to be able to find something that matches your décor.

Grooming Tool

We know chances are you aren’t a professional groomer, but our grooming tool attachment for our wet dry vac is less than $10 and anyone can use it. It’s just like a brush, but without the hassle of cleaning up the hair as you brush. It keeps their coat looking nice between grooming appointments, and, most importantly, reduces the amount of pet hair in your house.

Pet Door

While the gates are most likely to accommodate a dog, a pet door can be a nice addition for a cat. If there are doors in the house that you often keep closed – perhaps to a finished basement or attic – but would like for your cat to be able to roam freely, consider installing a pet door. Pet doors come in all shapes and sizes, and your cat will love being able to walk through doors.

What are your favorite pet products to keep your pooches happy?