The Best Shop-Vac® Wet Dry Vac for Woodworking

The Best Shop-Vac<small><sup>®</sup></small> Wet Dry Vac for Woodworking

Wood. Where would we be without it?

Essential to our history, early humans realized wood could be transformed into just about anything: tools, weapons, art. Later, wood was used to build furniture, homes, and help make transportation possible with inventions like wheels, boats, and even early cars and planes. Today, wood is still the go-to, renewable choice for countless projects. All this begs the question: Is there anything bad about wood? Yes…

Dust. There’s no way around it. Working on wood creates dust. Dust creates a mess. And around here, we hate mess. So to help out all the dusty woodworkers out there, we’d like to offer the best Shop-Vac® wet dry vac for woodworking.

The first thing to consider is the size of your workshop. If the square footage is already tight, there’s no need to clutter it more. For smaller workshops, the Shop-Vac® 12-Gallon* QSP® Quiet Deluxe® Wet-Dry Vac is perfect. It’s small but powerful and includes everything the big-gallon* QSP® Quiet Deluxe® vacs offer, like a 2.5" diameter hose that allows larger debris to be picked up without the hose clogging. It also comes with a disposable filter bag that collects debris and makes it easier to empty the tank.

Another great option for a smaller workshop is a wall-mount vac, which won’t use any valuable floor space at all. Designed to be mounted directly on the wall, they come with an extra-long 18' hose allowing you to reach far and wide. The vac even detaches from the wall-mount bracket and works like a portable vac. These vacs come in two sizes: 3.5 gallon* and 5 gallon*.

If your workshop is larger, we recommend the Shop-Vac® 16 Gallon* QSP® Quiet Deluxe® Wet-Dry Vac or 20 Gallon* QSP® Quiet Deluxe® Wet-Dry Vac. These big-gallon* vacs are great because you don't have to empty the tank as often and they’re very powerful with 6.5 peak horsepower** each. In short, they can tackle any job.

Upgrades and Accessories

The 12, 16 and 20 gallon* QSP® Quiet Deluxe® wet dry vacs come with a 14" floor nozzle that can be used with or without the brush (dry pick up) or squeegee (wet pick up) shoes. They also come with a crevice tool to get those hard-to-reach spots on the woodworking machines. If you’ll be dealing with a lot of fine sawdust, it makes sense to upgrade to a high-efficiency disposable filter bag or HEPA bag. Depending on your needs, you may also want to consider getting the universal tool adaptor that allows you to connect your vac hose to virtually any power tool with an exhaust port. The vac will pull in the debris being exhausted by the power tool keeping the shop cleaner.