The Best Allergy Medicine Isn’t Medicine At All

The Best Allergy Medicine Isn’t Medicine At All

As spring fever begins to hit, you’re probably digging through your cabinets for your leftover nasal spray, eyedrops and over the counter medicine in an attempt to brace yourself for allergy season. But there’s another product you should consider as you anticipate allergy season – you might even say it’s the best allergy medicine (sort of) to literally remove pollen – a HEPA filter for your vacuum.

Unless you’re planning on being a seasonal hermit, eventually you’re going to have to go outside and face the pollen. While nasal sprays, eye drops and over-the-counter medicine can help you confront pollen, it can’t prevent pollen from making its way into your house. Nothing can. Inevitably when you go outside, that pollen will cling to you – your clothes, your hair, your skin – and when you make your way back inside and sit on the sofa to watch TV after a long day, the pollen will be right there with you. Fortunately, a HEPA filter for your vacuum can help you get rid of the pollen that makes its way into your house.

If you have trouble with allergies all year round due to pet dander, a HEPA filter can have a positive impact on you – and your house, too. Pet hair may be easier to get rid of, but the dander doesn’t leave with the pet hair. Don’t leave anything behind – invest in a HEPA filter.

So, what is it about this HEPA filter that’s so magical? HEPA filters are made of dense fibers arranged in a way that traps at least 99.97% airborne particles measuring 0.3 microns in diameter. Vacuuming without a HEPA filter could be making your allergies worse, as the majority of allergens would just be circulated through the vacuum and back out into the air.

If you want to go above and beyond, consider adding one of our tear resistant HEPA collection bags, too. The HEPA filter will stop the allergens and our collection bag will keep them hostage so you won't have to worry about contaminating your space after you've cleaned it.

IMPORTANT! Do NOT use these filters for vacuuming lead paint debris. These filters are NOT intended for use under EPA Regulation 40 CFR Part 745 for lead paint material cleanup.