Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Keep your pool beautiful and safe.

Think of a swimming pool. Do you see lounging around, cannon-ball splashes, and Marco Polo calls? Or do you see work, work, work? If you own a swimming pool, you know pools aren’t all fun and games. Swimming pool maintenance is necessary, hard, and time-consuming. One little mistake and your water will be green, your wallet will be empty, and your family won’t talk to you.

While swimming pool maintenance is a science of balancing water chemistry, it’s also a balancing act of guessing and considering. You learn to “read” the water just by looking at it. You ponder weather patterns and pollen counts and wind direction. In sum, you must become a pool whisperer.

Keeping a pool clear and safe takes the following swimming pool maintenance steps:

  1. Put water in the pool. This is a simple but vital step. Without water in your pool, cannon balls will hurt, and skateboard kids will make it their skatepark.

  2. If you already have water in your pool and you’re opening it for the season, we highly recommend reading last year’s blog post OpeningYour Pool for the Season. There are some cool Shop-Vac® hacks that will make the process easier.

  3. Test and balance the water. There are many ways to test your water, from hiring a pool company to doing it yourself manually to doing it yourself via digital sensors. It all depends on your level of comfort with chemistry and tiny robots taking over the world. How to Test Pool Water is a good starting point. Going to Amazon.com and typing “pool water” or “pool water test kits” will yield more choices than the human brain can calculate. Good luck. Regardless of how you test your water, there is a scientific method to balancing the water. You must add the right chemicals at the right time, so be sure to follow a professional’s advice. One good resource is doityourself.com’s HowTo Add Swimming Pool Chemicals.

  4. Pay attention to the pump. Your pool pump is where the magic happens. It keeps the water circulating and filters out the bad stuff. It occasionally needs some TLC. Depending on the type of pool pump and filter, you should clean it regularly. This includes dumping the basket when it gets full, deep cleaning the filter per the manufacturer’s instructions, and sucking out any debris clogged in the pipes. A Shop-Vac® wet-dry vac makes this easy. Once it’s all clean, put it back together and put on your swimsuit.

  5. Swim! Yes, pool owners are allowed to have a little fun in the pool, too. Why don’t you get a little crazy and show ‘em your best cannon ball! Just don’t hit Marco Polo.