Shop-Vac® Industrial/Contractor Series – Made to Perform

Shop-Vac® Industrial/Contractor Series – Made to Perform

The get-it-done, tough-as-nails Shop-Vac® industrial/contractor series has long been the valued, trustworthy workhorse in manufacturing, janitorial, and industrial settings. It’s the go-to wet-dry vac for heavy-duty cleaning jobs.

And it just got better. 

Let’s take a deeper look:

Every Shop-Vac® series model delivers unparalleled power and reliability. Each has its own unique features. Some, like the home and apartment series, are smaller, lightweight models, perfect for use inside and outside the home. Others, like the blower series, makes yard work a snap. 

The industrial/contractor series is beefier, more durable, and will not quit until the job is done. These hefty machines easily handle liquids, drywall dust, wood chips, industrial scraps, water, and whatever else you want to make disappear. 

These rugged models offer tank capacities up to 55-gallon, single-stage or two-stage motors, and multiple attachments. Choose from stainless steel or durable molded plastic construction. Industrial/contractor models are all backed with an impressive 1-year warranty.

There’s a model in this series to meet every workplace requirement. Some specialty models in this series are the Shop-Vac® 4 Gallon backpack vacuum for dry pick up only, and the Shop-Vac® 2.5 Gallon Toolbox wet-dry vac.

Shop-Vac® industrial/contractor series unveils new features

We’ve heard your suggestions for making a great product even better. We know you’ll love these new features – guaranteed to make your job easier.

•Added filters
•Latch improvements
•SVX2 motor
•1.5” diameter accessories

SVX2 motor power will blow you away!

Vacuums equipped with SVX2 motor technology have a 50% increase in air watts as compared to a similar rated peak HP Shop-Vac® vacuum without the SVX2 motor. The SVX2 takes power to a whole new level.

Introduction of Eagle Eye Series

The Shop-Vac® Eagle Eye series is a welcome addition to the industrial/contractor line. These models feature:

•Low profile – easier mobility, less tipping
•The carriage handle folds down for easy storage
•Latches are large and heavy-duty
•Cord storage on top, which leaves more accessory storage on back

See the brochure for specs and additional information on every model in the industrial/contractor series.