Prep Your Yard Like a Pro

Prep Your Yard Like a Pro


Your hedges may have some rough edges, or perhaps you need to trim around something in your yard or garden. Regardless, a trimmer will come in handy for kick starting and maintaining your beautifully manicured lawn and garden.

Pruning Tool

While trimmers work well for larger trimming needs, a pruning tool is perfect to help you cut those pesky branches that your trimmer misses. This is a tool that truly works to perfect your yard – may no rogue branches go uncut!


If you’re going to invest in a blower to help you with yard work, take advantage of the Shop-Vac® Wet Dry Vacuum with detachable blower. Get the power and convenience you want to clean up your yard, with the benefit of having a wet/dry vacuum that can help you in your garage, workshop and your house, too!

Gutter Cleaning Kit

While many assume gutter cleaning only happens in the fall, sometimes those new blooms and windy spring days can leave your gutter a mess. Get a head start on your gutter cleaning with our Shop-Vac® gutter cleaning kit, which includes everything you need to clean hard to reach gutters.


Regardless of what lawn and garden work you’re doing, make sure you have a durable pair of gloves to help protect you from sharp plants and poison ivy. The last thing you want is to be left with a painful or itchy reminder of your yard work.

Blower Nozzle

If you’d prefer to just blow the misplaced dirt and/or stones out of your way, consider adding the blower nozzle to your Shop-Vac® Wet Dry Vacuum with a blower port and 2.5 inch hose. Need more pressure? Or more focused airflow? Consider a concentrator nozzle to clean out cracks and crevices in your sidewalk.


What would yard preparation be without a trusty wheelbarrow? Whether you’re hauling weeds, new plants, or mulch, there’s no substitute for a traditional wheelbarrow. Throw anything in and move it around your yard or out of the way. Pick a fun color to add some spark to your yard work.

So what are you waiting for? Log off, get out there, and let the yard work commence!