Opening Your Pool for the Season

Opening Your Pool for the Season

Grab the sunscreen. Blow up the inflatables. Plop that little umbrella in your drink. Why? It’s pool time!

Well, almost. After the long winter your pool probably looks more like the home of swamp monsters than anything you’d want to jump in. But follow this quick guide on how to open your pool for the season and soon you’ll be getting your Vitamin D on.

The pool cover

If you use a pool cover, it’s probably full of dirty water and heaps of debris. Hey, better on the cover than in the pool, right? All you need to do is grab your Shop-Vac® wet dry vac and suck out all the muck. Easy. Once it’s gunk free, take the cover off the pool, scrub it clean, and let it completely dry. Once dry, store it until you’re ready to close the pool at the end of the season. (Closing the pool? That’s too depressing to even think about, so let’s not.)

The pool water

OK, here’s the moment of truth. How’s the water look? Clean and clear? Or funkier than a James Brown dance party? If it’s the latter, no worries. The very first thing you want to do is grab your wet dry Shop-Vac® again and suck out all the algae and leaf debris you can. (You may need a couple accessories to make this easier -- for example, a longer hose or different nozzle. Check out the Shop-Vac® Accessory Guide to find exactly what will work best for your vac.) Vacuuming the pool first will save on pricey chemicals later and will also ease the burden on your pool filter when you finally turn on the pool pump. Two caveats: One, be prepared to dump the water in your Shop-Vac® tank a few times, or take an extra step and invest in a Shop-Vac® pump vac. Two, be sure to keep the tank and motor safely away from the pool at all times.

Now that the pool is vacuumed, add fresh water to bring the pool water level up to where it should be and use appropriate chemicals to begin to balance the water. Depending on how dirty the pool got over the winter, this may take a few days. Here’s a great resource on How to Properly Maintain Swimming Pool Water Chemistry

The pool party

It’s time! After getting the pool clean and the chemicals balanced, it’s ready for a summer of frolicking. Jump on in. Oh, wait. Do you still need to blow up those inflatables? Here’s a time-saving trick we learned from a Shop-Vac®-loving YouTuber. Have fun!