National Take Your Dog to Work Day

National Take Your Dog to Work Day

“You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, ‘Wow, you’re right! I never would’ve thought of that!’”

— Dave Barry

“The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.”

— Andy Rooney

“The more boys I meet the more I love my dog.”

― Carrie Underwood

Dogs. What’s not to love? Other than that unfortunate Cujo incident, dogs are pure bliss. They are always there for us – happy, loving, playful. In short, they are our best buddies. And going to work every day without them is no fun. But once a year, it’s Take Your Dog to Work Day. This day is also (unofficially) known as The Best Day at Work – Ever.

Take Your Dog to Work Day (TYDTWDay) was started in 1999 by Pet Sitters International (PSI) to celebrate dogs and promote adoptions. According to PSI’s website, “the event encourages employers to experience the joys of pets in the workplace for one day to support their local pet community.” It’s an annual event and is celebrated on the Friday following Father’s Day. This year, it’ll be held on June 23. And the celebration isn’t just for dogs. The entire week leading up to the event, June 19-23, is Take Your Pet to Work Week. (Want to bring your Burmese python? Umm. Might want to double check with the boss.)

According to PSI, “If you are planning to participate in this year's Take Your Dog To Work Day® event, are trying to convince your boss to let your company participate or are just interested in learning more about this unique celebration, you'll want to download PSI's free Take Your Dog To Work Day® Toolkit.”

The toolkit includes:

  • instructions for planning your event
  • tips for winning over your boss
  • examples of past participants
  • sample "dogs at work" policy
  • customizable press release
  • free promotional and event materials

PSI even offers 7 Tips to Ensure Your Dog Doesn't Get "Fired" on TYDTWDay. There are some great ideas in there, including puppy-proofing your work space and having an exit strategy if the day goes to the dogs. (Ha.) But we’d include one more tip: Clean-up time. As we all know, animals are messy. Wet mess. Dry mess. Hairy mess. What-the-heck-is-that? mess. But Shop-Vac has you covered. Grab yourself a portable wet-dry vac -- like this Shop-Vac® 1 Gallon* Cordless Rechargeable Wet Dry Vac – and get cleaning when the paw party is over. (While you’re at it, your desk drawer and windowsill could use some love, right?)

So go tell your pet the great news that they’ll be coming to work with you. In the meantime, let’s take a look at funny pet videos. Because that’s always a good idea.