Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

For the Chef Mom

Your mom may be an expert when it comes to culinary masterpieces, but chances are there are still times she finds herself following a recipe. During those times, whether she has an old-fashion cookbook, or an iPad, it’s helpful to have a cookbook/iPad holder for the kitchen. There are a variety of styles available, so you’re sure to find something that will match her kitchen décor. Save your mom from the trouble of trying to find a sturdy place to prop her recipes, and keep them opened to the right page, without having to constantly juggle cooking and reading. She’d be forever grateful, we promise.

For the Crafty Mom

If your mom is creative and likes to create her own masterpieces, consider booking a date night for the two of you with Wine and Design. Don’t drink? Skip the wine. This is all about the design – a fun painting class led by an instructor who leads you through the steps to creating your very own masterpiece. They have a variety of painting themes available – just browse their website to pick your favorite on a date that works for you. You might even consider adding a dinner date with your mom before, or perhaps dessert after? Either way, Wine and Design is perfect for crafty moms.

For the Practical Mom

Get your mom a gift that she can put to good use. The majority of moms appreciate a convenient solution to cleaning, and that’s just what the Shop-Vac® 4 Gallon* 4.5 Peak HP All Around EZ® Wet Dry Vacuum is. This isn’t your everyday vacuum. It’s has the power of a full-size vacuum in a hand held model and comes with attachments to clean carpets, stairs, kitchens, blinds, ceiling fans, vehicles, broken glass and wet spills. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving, designed to take on all of life’s messes.

For the Stylish Mom

Is your mom up on all the latest fashion? Everyone’s style is a little different. Some women like to express their fashion through clothes and shoes, others through jewelry and accessories. Since there are so many ways to express your mom’s fashion, we recommend choosing something that fits with her style. Has she been raving over a piece of Silpada® jewelry? Maybe mooning over a pair of shoes? Perhaps daydreaming about a comfy, stylish pair of pajamas? Pay attention to what she’s into right now, and purchase accordingly.

For the Outdoor Mom

Does your mom love the great outdoors? If so, take her on an adventure for Mother’s Day. There are so many hidden treasures around us, many that we take for granted. Dedicate some time to researching the best places nearby to hike, bike, kayak, or consider a trip to a nearby outlook for an amazing view. Aren’t sure where to go? Only In Your State ( is a website that might be able to help. You could also check into low and high ropes courses nearby, as they can be a lot of fun. Regardless of what you choose, an outdoor adventure is often an affordable and memorable gift.

For the Organized Mom

If staying organized brings your mom joy, consider buying items she can use to create her very own home command center, a place to keep everything organized. A calendar is an absolute must. If you have a large family, you may want to consider a calendar especially for mapping out all of the family’s commitments for work and play. Once you’ve chosen a calendar, there are a variety of other things you might want to add – perhaps a blackboard or a whiteboard to keep track of chores or a grocery list, some sort of file system for mail and/or coupons, and/or a corkboard to stick notes to. Regardless of what mix of functional items you choose, you’ll likely want to add some décor. Consider adding an initial, or small shelves to hold décor you already have!

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