July 20 is National Pennsylvania Day

July 20 is National Pennsylvania Day

Grab Some Hershey's® Chocolate and Let’s Party!

You know when Rocky® finally runs up those steps in Philadelphia? It happened on July 20, 1976 – forever known thereafter as National Pennsylvania Day. OK, that’s not true. At least, we don’t think so. But July 20 really is National Pennsylvania Day. And here’s why it rocks as much as Rocky®: Pennsylvania is awesome. Let’s explore why.

First, some PA basics:

  • Officially the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

  • Second U.S. state

  • Capitol: Harrisburg

  • Known as the Keystone State

  • 33rd-largest state by area

Some interesting PA facts, according to 50states.com:

  • Philadelphia was once the United States capital city

  • Betsy Ross made the first American flag in Philadelphia

  • In 1913 the first automobile service station opened in Pittsburgh

  • The first Little League® Baseball World Series was held in 1946 in Williamsport. (We’ll come back to Williamsport.)

According to pennlive.com, PA is (surprisingly!) home to:

  • The earliest evidence of human life in North America

  • The world's largest glacial pothole

  • A trolley graveyard

  • The first oil well

  • Wooden streets 

For even more reasons why you should celebrate National Pennsylvania Day, check out Happy National Pennsylvania Day! Yes, that's a thing. We can’t stop laughing about the memes.

Shop-Vac® and Pennsylvania

Some of you may not know, but Shop-Vac Corporation is a proud PA company – Williamsport to be exact. Have you been to our neck of the woods? If so, you know all about our amazing people and places. If you haven’t, check out the What We're Thankful For... blog post from last year where we describe Williamsport’s awesomeness.

We love it here. It’s home. And it’s also home to some of the greatest moments in wet-dry vac history. (There really should be a museum, right? Somebody call a congressperson and make this happen STAT.)

Here are some highlights:

  • 1953 – First “Shop-Vac” was invented by Martin Miller at Craft Tool Company. OK. This didn’t happen in Williamsport, but pretty interesting, right?

  • 1969 –  Shop-Vac® Corporation moved to Williamsport!!

  • 1988 – Shop-Vac® introduces the blower vac. Wait?! It blows and vacuums?! Mind blown.

  • 1999 – Shop-Vac® introduces the pump vac. Why? Because hauling heavy buckets of dirty water is so 1998.

  • 2008 – Shop-Vac® introduces the first Shop-Vac Brand air mover. The wind was mad at first but eventually got over it.

  • 2015 – SVX2® motor technology is introduced. Who doesn’t love more powerϮ?! 

So next time you’re vacuuming, think of us here in Pennsylvania. Better yet, come here and visit the hopefully-soon-to-be-amazing Wet-Dry Vac Museum. Anybody know the number of the local congressperson?

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