Introducing the New, Shop-Vac® Line of Tear-Resistant Collection Bags

Introducing the New, Shop-Vac<sup>®</sup> Line of Tear-Resistant Collection Bags

Shop-Vac® Tear Resistant Collection Bags

Our new, Tear Resistant Collection Bags are our toughest bags ever. They allow you to pick up large, heavy debris without tearing the bag. They are 20 percent more efficient than our standard bags and feature a stronger collar that has a built-in handle for easy removal as well as a collar cover that seals the opening to keep the dirt inside – and off of your hands, clothes, and floor – during disposal.

Offered in two sizes to fit both 5-10 gallon* tanks and 12-20 gallon* tanks, Shop-Vac® Tear Resistant Bags are available in three varieties: Dry and Wet Dry, offering medium filtration for home, workshop and vehicles; and HEPA, offering fine filtration for contractor use, masonry work, and homes with pets.

For non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-flammable materials only.

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