How to Throw the Best Lawn and Garden Party

How to Throw the Best Lawn and Garden Party

Lawn and Garden Month (Part 2)

Last time we talked about getting your lawn in shape for spring. Now we’re going to spruce up the garden so we can throw an awesome lawn and garden bash. Ready to party like (decorative landscape) rock stars? Well, don’t put your hands in the air and wave ‘em like you just don’t care yet… we have work to do.

The first thing you want to do is have a garden master plan. What type of garden? What plants? Flowers? Where is the sun and shade? Irrigation? Draw up a diagram or use a handy app like GrowVeg. Next, if you had a garden last year, it’s time to clean it up. Rake out dried leaves and debris. Cut back dead growth on current plants. Now consider the soil. Loosen it with a garden hoe. Be sure to remove rocks and other debris. While you’re digging around, it’s a good time to check your irrigation system for leaks and clogs. If flooding occurs, use a Shop-Vac® wet-dry vac to suck out the muck so you can see and reach cracked pipes and other problem areas. Once the irrigation is ready and the soil loosened up, spread a little fertilizer. And that’s it for garden prep. Grab your shovel (and kids or anybody else you can bribe) because it’s time to plant your garden.


While outside party and BBQ is almost synonymous, it’s a good idea to think outside the hot dog. Perhaps something light and refreshing? Check out this Pinterest® spring food collection. Try not to drool.


Never (ever) throw a lawn and garden party without refreshing drinks, like an ice tea/lemonade. There are lots of innovative (and healthy!) options to quench your thirst on hot days. Ever had a Honeydew-Almond smoothie? Trust us, it’s awesome. Here are 50 smoothie options from Food Network.

Fun and Games

The Classics – Let’s get right to these must-dos. Here are six classic lawn games. This is where all great outside parties start. Then you can take your party to the next level with:

Slip’N Slide®
– Nothing ensures a great time quite like skimming across wet plastic atop grass. Simple. Fun. Slightly dangerous. There’s no better way to tell your guests this party will not be stuffy and will probably end in grass stains.

Tire Swing / Rope Swing / Zipline Surprisingly easy to install, all these choices will keep the kids (and kids at heart) hooting and hollering all day. Now, of course, swinging and ziplining can be dangerous, so be sure to use common sense and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Fire Pit – As the day transitions into night, having a fire will keep spirits up and bugs away. Thinking s’mores, aren’t you? Good idea. A better idea? This page on Pinterest®. Oh, no. Here comes the drool again.

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