How to Organize Your Garage

How to Organize Your Garage

Bungee Cord Ball Storage

Keep basketballs, soccer balls and other sports equipment off of the floor and out of your way by using bungee cords to store them in your garage. If you have pre-existing shelves, this could make a nice addition. If you don’t have shelves – don’t panic, using plywood, you can easily build two square platforms – one for the top and one for the bottom. Attach them to a corner of your garage and run a few bungee cords from the top to the bottom and voila! See the kid-friendly ball corral as an example.

PVC Pipe Organizers

Cut up a PVC pipe and nail the shorter rings to the wall of your garage. Each piece of PVC pipe can provide affordable storage for brooms, rakes, shovels and more. Having trouble envisioning what we mean? Check this one out.

Hanging Shoe Rack

Shoe racks aren’t only meant for indoors. Think outside of the box and consider hanging a shoe rack in the garage to use to store paint, cords, or anything that needs its own place.You’ll find the organization can serve a lot of purposes.


Investing in pegboard, regardless of size, is an investment in organization. Whether you have a small area, or an entire wall, pegboard can help you organize everything from shovels to tools.Another cool way to organize your tools and keep things clean is through our toolbox wet dry vac (yes, it’s actually two in one!).

Kitchen Containers

While you may think you need a fancy tool storage bench to store all your nuts and bolts, your answer could conveniently be found in the kitchen. Kitchen containers that are often used as countertop storage for sugar and flour can work well for storing nails, nuts and bolts.

Sliding or Suspended Storage

If you’re low on space, or just need more storage – look up. Sliding or suspended storage can give you significant storage opportunities from the ceiling. There are several DIY instructions available online, like one we found by Family Handyman.

Garage Mudroom

Do you have a lot of extra space in your garage? Or are you running low on space inside your door? If either of these sound like you, you may want to consider moving your mudroom into the garage. Many of the mudroom organizers with shelves and hooks can look just a charming in your garage. If you have the space, why not free up some of the clutter inside and move it?

Wet Dry Vacuum (w/ Wall Mount)

Get a wet dry vac to help you clean up the messes and keep everything clean. To fit with our organization theme, we’re sticking with two Shop-Vac® models that come with wall mounts, so they’re sure to stay out of the way. Check out the 3.5 gallon*, or the smaller 1 gallon* depending on your needs.