House Cleaning: It Can be Dangerous – and Here’s Why

House Cleaning: It Can be Dangerous – and Here’s Why

For many of us, house cleaning every week isn’t our first choice for a fun time. But who knew that cleaning can actually be hazardous to our health? A Newsweek article published earlier this year highlights results of a study showing that regular use of cleaning sprays can have the same impact on a woman’s lungs as smoking 20 cigarettes a day! Now that’s disturbing.

8 Deadly Ingredients Lurking in Your Cleaning Products

But before you throw in the (cleaning) towel and opt to live with the dirt, there is an easy (and non-toxic) solution. Never have there been so many health and earth friendly house cleaning options available in your grocery store aisle. You simply need to become a label reader. According to Amy Myers, M.D., there are 8 toxins hiding in your cleaning products, including common names like chlorine and ammonia. Avoid these 8 deadly ingredients and you’ll have a spotless and toxic-free home.

DIY for Your Health

You can also make your own cleaning products. The ingredients are simple, inexpensive, and easy to put together. Good Housekeeping gives some great examples of products you can make at home. You even add the fragrance. Think about it: Would you rather be inhaling ammonia – or the enticing, soothing fragrance of lemon, vanilla, cinnamon, or another favorite scent? You choose which essential oils to add to your hand-crafted house cleaning solutions. 

Now That It’s Safe, Get the Kids Involved!

Let’s face it, most of our kids aren’t jumping in to help with house cleaning chores unless they’re threatened or bribed. And honestly, you wouldn’t want your children exposed to those old toxic chemicals anyway. But now that you’re committed to non-toxic cleaning products, get the kids involved. Inner Child Fun has 10 awesome ways to make cleaning fun for kids. (Example: Use a timer and issue a challenge to pick up all blue items before timer beeps.) Fun – and so much better than nagging!

Breathe Easy

And, sure, kids can be messy, even when they’re trying to help. Maybe, in their race to pick up all the toys, they knocked over the bucket of non-toxic floor cleaning solution. No worries. Grab your handy Shop-Vac® 1.5 Gallon* 2.0 Peak HP** HangOn® Wet Dry Vac, and suck that water up in no time. 

Clean house. Safe house. Win-win!