Gutter Cleaning - Shop-Vac® Style

Gutter Cleaning - Shop-Vac<small><sup>®</small></sup> Style

Blower Vacs and Gutter Cleaning Kits Make It a Breeze

The saying goes that April showers bring May flowers. April showers may also bring – if your gutters aren’t cleaned regularly – damaged soffits, water intrusion, and expensive flooding. And if that happens, no amount of flowers will make you happy.

Gutter cleaning is easier than many people think. Sure, it takes time and a little elbow grease, but if you can do it yourself, you’ll keep your house flood-free and you’ll save a few bucks by not hiring outside help.

First, make sure you have everything you need. This article from has a good starter list that includes:

  • a long-sleeve shirt

  • rubber gloves

  • extension ladder

  • a plastic scoop to remove gunk

  • a tarp to catch debris

If you want the most barebones approach to gutter cleaning, here’s how: Climb the ladder, dig your scooper into the pile of muck, and fling it out. Now repeat that method about a thousand times.

At Shop-Vac®, we have better/faster/way more fun ways to clean gutters.

One option is to take any Shop-Vac® wet / dry vac – the smaller the better – and simply climb the ladder or get on your roof and suck out all the gutter gunk. Don’t forget the downspouts, which have a way of clogging first and worst. (Of course, you already know this, but please be careful on that ladder or roof. Hire a pro if you’re not comfortable with heights.)

Another option is to get yourself something like the SHOP-VAC® 12 GALLON* 4.5 PEAK HP** WET / DRY VACUUM WITH DETACHABLE BLOWER. This blower vacuum is two tools in one, giving you a wet / dry vacuum that can also be converted into a handheld, detachable blower. When you pair it with the SHOP-VAC® 2.5 INCH DIAMETER GUTTER CLEANING KIT, gutter debris won’t stand a chance. This kit also works with any Shop-Vac® that has a blower port and a 2.5” diameter hose. Simply blow it out and away – preferably not into your neighbor’s yard, but, hey, we’re not looking. And the best part? No ladder needed.

So, get to it. With Shop-Vac®, gutter cleaning is quick and easy.