Get Creative This Valentine’s Day

Get Creative This Valentine’s Day

The day famous for love began with an execution. Ironic, huh?

In the third century, Roman emperor Claudius II forbade his soldiers to marry, as he thought marriage weakened them. But Bishop Valentine performed secret ceremonies anyway. The Bishop was executed for his crime, but while in jail he wrote a letter to a woman he loved and signed it “from your Valentine.” The rest is history.

Creative ways to express your love.

This year, let’s rise above the usual flowers and cutesy heart boxers – and think unique. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. And guys, do NOT be one of the 64 percent of men who don’t plan ahead for a romantic Valentine’s Day with their special someone.

A written expression of love is a must. There are plenty of beautiful Valentine cards – but consider upping your game to a truly unique card. We love the 3-D paper sculptured cards from Lovepop. Works of art, these gorgeous cards are handcrafted using an Asian art form called sliceform kirigami. When the card is opened, a beautiful sculpture (a lotus flower for example) is revealed. 

Or how about words of love and a virtual embrace for the object of your affection? The Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger uses a simple app to deliver your love notes on a mirrored screen. A spinning heart alerts your sweetheart to the arrival of your latest missive, and he or she can reply by spinning the heart to send hearts flowing back to you. A beautiful, ongoing, love connection.

Gifts? Yes!

Now, while some form of written love sentiment is non-negotiable, a gift to go along with those sentiments will really get you points. How about a couples’ massage? Or maybe personalized M&Ms? Or jewelry, or a sculpture, or a drawing? Think about your partner’s passions. Hiking? Get a new backpack. Running? Sports watch. Cooking? A new cookbook.

And if your true love is of a more practical nature, you can’t go wrong with a Shop-Vac®! Great for men or women of any age, it’s a gift that has been appreciated for decades. And yes, it fits perfectly in the category of a creative, unexpected Valentine’s Day gift!