Get a Leaf Blower/Garden Vacuum: Tell the Wind Which Way to Blow

Get a Leaf Blower/Garden Vacuum: Tell the Wind Which Way to Blow

Gardens are great. Gardening is hard. Lots of digging in the dirt, potting plants, laying out bags of mulch, watering everything. And nothing ruins all that hard work like waking up to find Mother Nature has scattered leaves across your perfectly manicured oasis. But don’t get angry. Get a leaf blower/garden vacuum.

If you’ve never used one, prepare to feel like a Greek God of wind. These portable blower vacs are that powerful. You simply direct them at the evil-doing leaf-litter and blast it in a pile or suck it up. It’s that simple. But make sure you read the manual and safety precautions before using it.  

But choosing a leaf blower garden vacuum is not so simple. In fact, there are many things to consider before you buy one. Here’s what to watch for:


There are leaf blowers, leaf vacuums, and combo units that do both. They all have pros and cons. Unless you’re a hardcore landscaper, we recommend the combo units because they offer more versatility for the average gardener. The Shop-Vac® Wet/Dry Vacuum with Detachable Blower is a great choice.

Power and Range

Electric. Battery. Gas. Those are your power options for leaf blower garden vacuums. Gas is the standard. It offers tons of long-lasting power and range. But keeping gas on hand is a hassle and nobody likes the smell or pollution. Battery-powered units are becoming more and more popular. But they still lack the performance and longevity some people and properties need. The best bet for today’s shopper is an electric plug-in model paired with a high-performance extension cord. You get all the power and range you need with no pollution.


The internet is full of information on how to use a leaf blower/garden vacuum. Here are some key links: