Forget New Year’s. Spring is the Real Time of Renewal.

Forget New Year’s. Spring is the Real Time of Renewal.

So how’s your New Year’s resolution going? Yeah, us too.

No worries because it's the start of Spring! And everybody knows: Spring is the perfect time for renewal, regrowth, and new-me resolutions. It is all about making a fresh start. So let’s celebrate the new season by shaking off the funky, winter doldrums and cleaning house – literally and metaphorically.

How? We’ve got some ideas:

1.    Open the windows. Seems too simple, right? But bringing fresh air into your house, especially after a long, stagnant winter of colds and flu and trapped indoor pollutants, is refreshing and scientifically proven to improve your mental and physical well-being. According to various studies, fresh air can help boost your immune system, decrease stress and depression, and improve energy levels.    

2.    De-clutter. Stuff has a tendency to accumulate during the winter. You’ve got all those new holiday gifts and the boxes they came in. Bulky clothes like coats, hats, scarves. That fruit cake that’s been in the back of the fridge for months. (Ewww.) It’s time to simplify. Minimize. Put things in their place. Perhaps even take a carload (or three) to a local charity. Need inspiration? Check this out.

3.    Deep clean. What’s spring without spring cleaning?  Now that you’ve decluttered, it’s time to attack the grime, dust, those furry things living under the stove, and those scary crevices known as “between the couch cushions.” We won’t sugarcoat it. It’s a big job. Get the whole family to contribute. Here’s a great resource for helping split up chores. Most importantly make sure everybody has the right spring-cleaning tools, from basic brooms and mops to scouring pads and squeegees. Of course, a Shop-Vac® Wet-Dry Vac is helpful for just about every cleaning challenge, from sucking up dust from curtains and blinds to helping dry recently shampooed carpets and upholstery to just about anything you can imagine.

So here’s to spring! And to renewal! And – here’s the best part -- no more winter!!