Fall Chores Checklist

Fall Chores Checklist

Ahh, excitement is in the air. Perhaps the Maple trees are just starting to turn color. Or you detect a refreshing hint of coolness in the breeze. Visions of relaxing on the couch in front of a warm, hypnotic fire are dancing in your head. But first, the hard reality hits you – to truly enjoy fall you need to prepare.

Besides the obvious chores of cleaning and storing patio furniture and other outdoor items, we’ve put together a handy checklist to ensure you’re prepared – and safe – as the cooler weather approaches.


Check windows, doors, and air ducts – Leaks increase both heating and AC costs

  • Do windows or doors need weather-stripping or caulk?
  • Are air ducts sealed and insulated?

Have chimney inspected

  • Build-up of creosote can lead to fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. Check csia.org for professional chimney sweep recommendations.
  • To be safe, make sure to have a carbon monoxide detector.

Drain hoses, pipes, and spigots

  • Drain garden hoses before storing. Not only could they freeze and burst, but leaking water can cost you a lot of money.
  • Turn off valves that control water to spigot, and cover spigot with insulated fitting.
  • Drain hoses and pipes, including water lines to pool and sprinklers. Insulate any exposed pipes.
  • In areas that get hard freezes, consider having sprinkler system blown free of water.

Clear gutters and downspouts

  • Clogged gutters can cause ice to back up in cold climates, leading to damage and leaks.
  • Water flowing down the sides of your house can cause foundation damage.
  • Make the job quick and painless by pairing your Shop-Vac with our gutter cleaning kit.


  • Hire a roofing pro to check roof for leaks, especially around vents, chimney, and skylights, to prevent expensive damage.  Also check for loose shingles.
  • Fall temps offer best time for roof repairs.




  • Have furnace inspected. An inefficient furnace costs more to run during cold weather.
  • Make sure the filter is clean. Stock up on extra filters and change monthly for the highest energy savings.
  • Consider using a programmable thermostat to lower temps when you’ll be away for several hours.

House cleaning

  • Clean those dusty drapes. If you’ve ever tried vacuuming your drapes, only to have the fabric sucked up by your vacuum cleaner, you’ll love this Simplemost tip: Whack dusty drapes with a towel, then vacuum up the dust from the floor.
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture.
  • Have carpets professionally cleaned.
  • Pull refrigerator out from wall and vacuum the condenser coils.
  • Inspect washer and dryer. Consider having dryer lint trap and exhaust tube professionally cleaned, as build-up can cause a fire. Replace any washer hoses that are cracked or split.
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