Controlling Insects with a Handheld Bug Vacuum

Controlling Insects with a Handheld Bug Vacuum

If you think insect control technology only consists of the 5 S’s (scream, swat, smoosh, smash, and spray), you’re missing out on the latest bug-be-gone trend: Handheld Bug Vacuums. They work wonders for controlling little buggers – and keeping you and your family safe. Here’s why.

If you were offered a shiny red apple off a tree you had just seen sprayed with pesticides, would you take a bite? Hopefully not, because most of us know pesticides can be harmful. Yet when you hear a shriek from the kitchen and rush in to find a colony of ants living large on your previously spotless counter tops, what’s the first thing many of us do? Yep, grab the ant poison.

But there’s a much better way to deal with unwanted guests – and we’re talking about insects, not your in-laws. There’s a way to quickly, cleanly, and easily suck up insect intruders, wherever they’ve staked claim in your home. Vacuum power! A handheld bug vacuum to be exact. But not any vac will do.

We recommend the Shop-Vac® 1.5 Gallon* 2.0 Peak HP** All Around EZ® Wet Dry Vac. Why? It’s the perfect size to easily move around the house, and the various tools and attachments are great for getting into tight spots. (And let’s face it. If you need more than 1.5 gallons, it’s probably an infestation best left to bug pros.) Here’s the best part. This versatile vac can do so much more than tell bugs who’s boss. It can be used to clean carpets, stairs, kitchens, blinds, ceiling fans, workshops, vehicles or anywhere you have a wet or dry mess. It can also be used to clear clogs from sinks and tubs.

But back to bugs. Did you know that not only is the presence of bugs in your home cringe worthy, it can be deadly? Check out this spooky article on the Ten Most Dangerous Bugs to Watch Out for this Summer.

And here’s a great educational piece on how to further protect your home and family from insects without deadly pesticides. They give some simple-yet-effective ways to get rid of those unwanted insect invaders, "Starve them out...Dry them out...Keep them out".

Yeah, bugs can be the stuff of nightmares. But, if you have a handheld bug vacuum, you’ll rid your home of those nasty insects, without endangering your family and pets with toxic pesticides.

As for dealing with those unwanted in-laws, we’re afraid we don’t currently have any suitable vacuums.