Best Ways to Celebrate Independence Day

Best Ways to Celebrate Independence Day

There are a lot of great things about America. Freedom. Democracy. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. There’s also baseball, apple pie, Chicago pizza, Elvis, Steve Jobs, and Mr. Potato Head® – a toy invented by American George Lerner, manufactured by American company Hasbro, and the first toy advertised on American TV. USA! USA! USA!

But, in our opinion, the very best thing about America is our diversity. We are all so different. We all love different things. We all have different dreams. But we make it work. Together, we make America the best place on earth.

So, in that diverse, independent spirit, we’d like to offer a variety of ways to celebrate this 4th of July:

The Traditional Route

Historically, the Fourth of July is all about fun in the sun, taking the kiddos to a parade and fireworks, and gorging on all that scrumptious food hot off the grill. And then there’s water-related festivities: beaching, boating, pooling. By the way, did you know you can blow up floaties® with a Shop-Vac® wet / dry vac? After all, this is your day off…no need to pass out from doing it yourself. Need help organizing your party planning? Here’s a handy checklist: 7 Ways to Prep for the Fourth of July.

Do Something Red, White, and New

Want to break from tradition? Check out these 10 Unusual Ways to Celebrate July 4th, suggested by military spouses. We love the red, white, and blue potluck, where foods can only be those colors. (Blue corn on the cob! Yum alert!) And watching fireworks from a plane is now officially on our bucket list. What a cool idea! Now if the weather is bad, you still have options to do something new. For example, have you ever had a Fourth of July movie marathon? There are loads of patriotic movies to choose from – Mr. Smith Goes to Washington or Patriot Games or Top Gun or Independence Day. Relax, enjoy, and snack until you look like Mr. Potato Head®.

Always Remember the Military

For most of us, July 4th is a day of freedom – from work, chores, and stress. And freedom is what Independence Day is all about. But as the well-known American adage goes, freedom isn’t free. Even though the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776, it took a year of fighting before and several years of fighting after that date until the Treaty of Paris was signed in 1783 officially acknowledging America as an independent nation. Our military earned our freedom for us then – and continues to ensure our freedoms to this day. We owe the military a big thank you!

And it’s never too early to teach our kids the valuable lessons of democracy and freedom. Remember these old-school songs by Schoolhouse Rock? This holiday would be the perfect time to play them! And if you’re looking for something just as patriotic, but a bit louder, there’s always this iconic display of American grit in the face of adversity.



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