Best Lawn on the Block – The Pain-Free Way to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring

Best Lawn on the Block – The Pain-Free Way to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring

Lawn and Garden Month (Part 1)

T.S. Eliot called April the cruelest month. Poets and philosophers probably think he was talking about emotional loss and spiritual despair, but we have a different take: He was talking about the current state of his lawn.

Don’t believe us? Look at your lawn right now. How’s it look? Cruel, right?

All this comes to mind because April is National Lawn and Garden month, and if you’re feeling despair about the state of your lawn, despair not. We’ve got a two-part plan. Part one, below, is fixing up your lawn for spring. Part two, coming soon, is about how to fix up your garden to throw The Best Darn Lawn and Garden Party in the history of, well, grass and flowers.

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring

(The following general recommendations are culled from various lawn experts and websites. Depending on your specific issues and growing region, other approaches may be better. If in doubt, contact a local lawn professional.)

Debris be gone.  OK, so get out on the lawn and take a look-see. Branches and twigs. Piles of leaves. Toys. Whatever that clump of stuff is over there. Once the lawn is clear, consider the house and patio. Declutter what you can. Don’t forget about getting the gutters cleaned out for the spring rains. Not in the mood to crawl on the roof or balance on a ladder? Use this Shop-Vac® Gutter Cleaning Kit.

Rake it, baby.  The hardest part of this step is finding your rake. Garage? Shed? Did the neighbor borrow it? Once you find it, however, you know the drill. Really get into the grass and pull out all the dead stuff that produces thick, sun-blocking thatch. The more you rake, the more you will spur lawn (and muscle!) growth.

Aerate.  Water, oxygen, and nutrients reach grass roots easier when the lawn’s been aerated. You can aerate in two ways. The first is to buy or rent a machine like this (or hire a pro). The other way is to try a soil conditioner product like LazyMan Liquid Soil Doctor. Whatever you choose, just remember to also buy a wine aerator because all the hard work is almost over and it’s time to celebrate.

Ladies and gentlemen, sharpen your blades.  While your lawn basks in the glory of being cared for, go check your lawn tool inventory. Inspect the mower. How was it running last year? What repairs need to be made? Sharpen that mower blade. Buy more line for the trimmer. Tighten the bolts on your edger.

When to fertilize?  Good question. It depends if you have warm- or cool-season grass. Here’s a great resource from DIY Network®.

Now that the lawn is no longer a wasteland (T.S. Eliot joke, get it?), it’s time to plan a Lawn and Garden party. Check back soon – because it’s going to be wild one. Now where did we put the Slip ‘N Slide®.


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