Be Thankful For Shop-Vac®

Be Thankful For Shop-Vac®

Why people (and ducks) are thankful for Shop-Vac®.

Yes, ducks! Six baby ducklings, to be exact. The Karns Volunteer Fire Department in Karns, Tennessee, got a call from an animal rescue team that baby ducks were stuck 12-feet deep in a pipe. The firefighters grabbed their Shop-Vac®, covered the hose with netting, and carefully pulled all the ducklings to safety. We’re sure mother duck was thankful for Shop-Vac® – but that’s just the start!

A friend indeed.

Life can be hard… and messy. But to paraphrase John Lennon, we get by with a little help from our friends. Shop-Vac® owners tell us every day how thankful they are to have a tool they can count on to get the job done. Shop-Vac® wet dry vacs are famous as the go-to tool for your workshop or garage, but their versatility goes much farther. From cleaning gutters, to blowing leaves, to cleaning up a broken jar of pickles on your kitchen floor, your Shop-Vac® handles all that and more!

More reasons to be thankful.

Have you ever gone down to your basement only to find it filled with water? Cathy Herard went to do laundry in her basement, only to find the floor completely flooded. In a panic she called her husband, who told her to grab the Shop-Vac® and suck out the water, which she did. She then dried the floor with a fan (the Shop-Air® fans work great). Problem solved. Cathy wrote in her gratitude journal how thankful she was for her Shop-Vac®. As bad as a flooded basement is, a flooded house can be a catastrophe. See our blog posted a couple months ago on how to clean up after a flood.

My diamond ring fell down the drain!

Assuming it wasn’t a ploy to get out of the engagement, a lost ring can be devastating. Have you or someone you know ever lost something valuable down the drain? Don’t panic, with the Drain Hero® attachment, your Shop-Vac® can rescue that item in no time. It can also quickly clear a clogged drain – no expensive service call from the plumber. The plumber won’t be thankful, but you certainly will be!

Unexpected Shop-Vac® uses to be thankful for.

Exhausted parents everywhere are thankful for this trick: Instead of manually picking up the hundreds of Legos covering the floor, suck them up with your Shop-Vac® and dump them into the toy chest. Shop-Vac® has so many unexpected uses to love. Check out the list for laughs and ideas.

We at Shop-Vac® are truly thankful for you.

We are grateful for the decades of loyalty our Shop-Vac® customers have given us. We thank you for all the feedback and stories you’ve shared with us over the years. We love to hear how our products have made your lives easier. Thank you for your trust.