A Cure for the Summertime Shopping Blues

A Cure for the Summertime Shopping Blues

Just when you thought it was safe to go chill in the water, a dark, shadowy presence lurks just below your subconscious. It gets closer and closer until it leaps out and bites you: Oh no! You’ve got to buy a shark-load of gifts this summer!!

Yes, it’s true. Summer means shopping. Lots of it. There’s Father’s Day gifts, graduation gifts, wedding gifts, holiday parties, house warmings. But don’t cry. Your summer isn’t ruined. You just need a plan. So, here’s a handy guide that will help you knock out your gifting faster than you can say, “We’re gonna need a bigger shopping bag.”


When it comes to Pops, please step away from the socks. Or boxers. This ol’ guy has been putting up with you for years, and you want to reward him with undergarments? We can do better. And there’s nothing better than bacon. All you have to do is Google “Bacon of the Month Club” and boom! Your dad shopping is cured. (Get it? Bacon. Cured.)

It’s hard to believe, but some dudes don’t love bacon. No worries. Every dude loves power. And nothing says power like a Shop-Vac® brand vacuum. Might we suggest the Shop-Vac® 12 Gallon* 5.5 Peak HP** SVX2® Stainless Steel Wet / Dry Vacuum? Looking for something different? Check out this awesome Shop-Vac® gift suggestion from the folks at topdaddies.com.


How about that high school or college grad on your gift list? According to grad student Andrew David Thaler, in his blog post Quick Tips for Grads, his number one tip is… get a Shop-Vac®! We love this guy! Great advice, Andrew!

Picture your kid at school…munching those chips in bed, then reaching for a nice cold soda from his mini fridge, when, whoops, he drops the bottle, which shatters all over the floor. Now he’s got dry crumbs, liquid, and glass all over the floor. With the Shop-Vac® home and apartment series he’s got a powerful, lightweight cleaner that will easily take care of the mess. And the faster and easier it is to clean, the more time he or she has for studying. (Yeah, right.)


Wedding gifts can be ho-hum. Dishes, silverware, candlesticks, etc. Sure, they’re nice, but you want to give something really cool to the couple. Brides.com has some great ideas in their 50 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas That Fit All of Your Guests' Budgets. One of our faves is the Belgian Waffle Maker. After all, what marriage spat can’t be resolved by gorging yourselves on waffles?!

But we really dig the advice over at weddingbee.com. When couples were questioned about what they wish they had asked for, several said a Shop-Vac® wet dry vac! What a great, unconventional gift for a young couple, whether they will be living in an apartment or a house. From small, lightweight models for the home and apartment to larger capacity units, there’s a perfect Shop-Vac® wet dry vac for the perfect couple.

And if they can’t agree on whose turn it is to actually do the vacuuming, they can make up over a bunch of waffles.