5 Ways to Make Your Shop-Vac® Work Better Than Ever

5 Ways to Make Your Shop-Vac<sup>®</sup> Work Better Than Ever

Our wet dry vacs are known for being durable, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need their own pampering. We’ve compiled a list of a few things you can do to keep your Shop-Vac® running at its optimal performance.

Clean the filters.

Dirty filters stop airflow, reducing the suction power and decreasing the effectiveness of your vac. Cleaning a dirty filter can help keep your vac running at its optimal power. You don’t necessarily have to remove the filter, a light cleaning can be accomplished by knocking your hand on the handle, bumping the debris into the bottom of the drum. If you need a more thorough cleaning, consider removing the filter and lightly knocking the filter against the inside of a garbage can. Your user manual should have instructions specific to your filter. We also have a generic manual on www.shopvac.com.

Bonus Tip: Make sure those filters are properly installed after cleaning! Have a cartridge filter? Lock that retainer into place so it does not fall off. This way the dust won’t bypass your filter. Vacuum for a minute or two and do a quick check to make sure this didn’t happen. Have a reusable dry filter? Remember to install a foam sleeve first and the put the dry filter over top. A ring secures them in place.

Add a collection bag.

Collection bags catch the debris that comes in to your vac, making it easy to dispose of the debris. They also help keep the lidcage filter clean, which leads to less cleaning and a longer lasting filter. So, while the convenience is a benefit, these also help extend the life of your vac. Don’t forget, if you’re picking up fine dust, you should purchase a HEPA collection bag or filter. Our standard filters won’t stop fine dust, leaving it to exhaust back into the air and possibly damage the motor.

Use a larger diameter hose.

Big messes call for a bigger hose. If you need to clean up bulky debris, consider using (or investing in) a larger diameter hose. Using the smaller hose for bulky debris can lead to clogs and strain the motor, neither of which are good for your Shop-Vac®. The majority of our vacs can be used with three different hose sizes (the small one-four gallon* and specialty units can’t). Consider our 10 foot by 2.5 inch diameter hose.

Clear the air vents.

It’s easy for these to get clogged up with debris, especially if you’re doing some serious cleaning. Make sure you wipe them clean with a wet cloth every once and a while to maintain an ideal amount of air flow. Caution: Don’t block the exhaust. The air the vac pulls in when picking up debris has to go out to keep the vac working properly.

Smooth the casters and wheels.

If the casters and wheels on your Shop-Vac® are squeaky or rickety, treat them with a small drop of oil. The oil will make them squeak less and run like new as you push and pull your vac around the house, garage and workshop.

These are some of our favorite tricks of the trade, but we encourage you to consult the user manual that comes with your vacuum for tips to keep that vac going longer and stronger than ever.