5 Tools for the Holiday Host

5 Tools for the Holiday Host

Hand Mixer

Yes, we all love our stand mixers, but when there’s chaos in the kitchen, sometimes it’s more convenient (and affordable) to have an electrical hand mixer. The reality is, counter space comes at a premium around the holidays, and being able to pick up a hand mixer, swap out attachments and move seamlessly from one bowl to the next can be much quicker than swapping bowls in and out of your electric stand mixer. Time is of the essence when you’re trying to get everything in place for family and friends. (Bonus: hand mixers are a fraction of the cost of a stand mixer!)

Metal Mixing Bowls

To go along with your hand mixer, and to keep you from doing an insane amount of dish washing during prep, make sure you have a few different metal mixing bowls. But why metal, you ask? They’re lighter and they last longer. That means they’re easier to get off of the top shelf and carry around the kitchen – and they don’t chip or crack like glass does, so you’re less likely to have to make a trip to the store to replace one of them anytime soon.

Smart Thermometer

As you know, you need to make sure your turkey is cooked to the appropriate internal temperature before it’s ready to serve. Rather than having to continuously check the temperature, get a smart thermometer that you can put in the turkey when it goes in the oven and connects with your smart phone to let you know when it’s reached the temperature you set. Then you don’t need to worry about the pound-to-cooking temperature and can continue with your feast prep until the turkey is ready.

Stain Removers

Anytime there’s a large gathering of people with food, stains are inevitable. Be prepared to help yourself and your guests by having stain removers on hand. For clothing stains, we’ve seen great reviews about wipes and the to-go pens that you can carry with you to treat stains. If you have a lot of carpet and want to be sure you’re prepared to treat cranberry and other spills, there are a variety of carpet stain removers available. We don’t have a preference, we just want you to be prepared so you aren’t left with a stain on your holiday attire, or the stress of having to run to the store or mix your own carpet stain remover in the midst of the holiday celebration.

Shop-Vac® Wet Dry Vac

Sure everyone thinks about the things that come in handy for preparing the feast and hosting the party, but what about the clean up before the party starts and after everyone leaves? Chances are you have a million things running through your head before you host for the holidays and you’re exhausted after everyone leaves. Choose a cleaning partner that’s powerful and can handle a variety of messes – helping you get your space back to normal. There are a variety of Shop-Vac® wet dry vacs available for you to choose from – and we encourage you to look closely, as many of them have features that can really come in handy (like a blower port, convenient handheld model, etc.). Regardless of which wet dry vac you choose, you’re sure to be thankful for it this holiday season.