5 Things You Need to Celebrate the Big Game

5 Things You Need to Celebrate the Big Game
To celebrate the biggest game of the year, you want to host a party that keeps your friends entertained past half time and leaves them wishing Monday was a holiday. While there are countless hosting accessories on the market, we’ve gathered a list of a few things specific to football that are sure to make your party one to remember.

Football Cake Pan

Let’s be honest, parties to celebrate football games are all about the food. Make your dessert taste good and look the part with a football shaped cake pan, like this one we found on Amazon. No need to make any special accommodations – it holds the same amount of cake mix as a standard size cake pan. No extra work, but sure to impress your guests. (Tip: Pick up icing in a few festive colors to complete the look.)

Commercial Bingo

We’ve seen several different versions of bingo for the big game on Pinterest®, but the basics are the same. When your guests arrive (particularly those who aren’t passionate football fans), hand them a bingo card. The card can either be filled in with brands in advance, or you can have them fill out their card with the brands they think will be represented in commercials. Then, when the game starts, let the fun begin. Offer a fun prize for the top three so the game doesn’t end early!

Small Plates

While almost every football game party is filled with a collection of small plates – we literally mean small plates. The shareable plates we have at gatherings are great, until you need to move into the TV room to watch the game. Instead of having a big bowl of chips, consider serving chips in individual bags that each person can take with them to the sofa (Tip: Add a little football décor to the bag.) Serving dip with your chips? Try getting a pack of small cups and start with a bunch of small cups of dip everyone can carry around with them. We’re sure this twist on the traditional chips and dip will make everyone happy.

Wet Dry Vac

Before your guests arrive, and after they leave, you want a tool that’s going to make prep and clean up easy. The wet dry vacs in the Shop-Vac® home and apartment series are affordable, portable and ready to clean up all of your messes – whether it’s a drink that was spilled celebrating a touchdown, or a handful of chips smashed on the floor. They also come with a few different attachments to help you reach the crumbs your friends left in the crevices of the couch. These wet dry vacs make life easy.

Photo Booth Props

Whether you go generic or get props for specific teams, this is sure to be a hit. Get a disposable tablecloth with a football field print to hang in the background and get your friends to be the photographers. Customize speech bubbles to cheer for your team. Include pom poms, or maybe even a trophy. This is a party activity that’s sure to be fun for both adults and kids of all ages.

Looking for more inspiration? There are countless recipes, games and décor ideas available online.

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