Product Details Qty.
Bull Digger 925-25-00
The Bull Digger turns your Shop-Vac vacuum into a post hole digger and so much more. Digs through sandy and rocky soil, hard pan and garden variety dirt. See a video of the Bull Digger in action!
Drain Hero 106-10-00
Unclogs sinks, tubs, and showers. For best performance, use a 2.5 peak HP or greater wet/dry vac. Not recommended for use on toilets. Click here for a video demo!
Shop-Vac Hand Sander 919-80-00
Uses standard sandpaper and screen. Works great for edging. Works with all 1-1/4", 1-1/2" and 2-1/2" diameter hoses. Works with all brands of wet/dry vacs.
Drain adapter kit 8012700
Fits all Shop-Vac wet/dry vacs that have a tank drain. The kit attaches to the tank drain opening, and the garden hose (not included) attaches to the adapter.
Gutter Cleaning Kit for use with Blower Vacs 919-70-00
Use with your detachable blower vac or any vac with a blower port (not included) for fast gutter clean-out.
Accessory Clip 313-30-00
An incredibly handy tool to keep all of your Shop-Vac accessories ready for use.
Turbo Nozzle 906-98-00
Air-powered turbine brush eats dirt like no other nozzle.

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