Portable Blower Accessories

Product Details Qty.
2-1/2" by 8' Hose 905-03-00
8' hose is excellent for bulky dry material like wood shavings.
2-Piece 2-1/2" Extension Wands (40") 906-84-00
Provides longer reach when cleaning.
8" Utility Nozzle 906-75-00
Large 8" square opening designed for bulk dry pickup.
Crevice Tool 906-78-00
Our giant crevice tool for reaching those spaces that hide lots of dirt.
2-1/2" Elbow Grip 906-33-00
A comfortable addition to vacs with 2-1/2" hoses.
For use with Blower Vacs
14" Nozzle 906-77-00
Super wide 14" cleaning path.

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